Simon Wilkinson


About me

Simon Wilkinson is a LAWD director and respected figure in Western Australia’s agriculture industry where he has more than 20 years’ experience in broadacre cropping, cattle breeding and feedlotting, sheep breeding, dairy, horticulture, forestry, senior sales and people management.

Over the course of his successful career, Simon has demonstrated an innate ability to create strong connections within agribusiness and holds an unwavering commitment to supporting and championing a thriving agriculture sector.

Simon has extensive experience working with large agriculture sales firms, and buyers and sellers across Western Australia have benefitted from his expertise in providing and executing real estate advisory, transactional and referral services.

• WA Real Estate and Business Sales Representative (2014)
• Cert IV (CPP40307) in Property Services – Real Estate (2014)
• Advanced Diploma Business Management, University Ballarat (2006)

Notable transactions
• Connawarrie Broadacre Cropping Sale (2021)
• Central Aggregation Horticultural Portfolio (2022)
• Borden Broadacre Cropping Aggregation (2022)
• Apache Broadacre Cropping and Livestock Aggregation (2022)
• Murchison Station (2022)