Coulton family purchases well-known Kalanga Aggregation

THE highly productive Kalanga Aggregation at Toobeah, in the renowned Border Rivers Region of southern Queensland, has returned to local ownership following its acquisition by the Coulton Family’s Morella Agriculture from the United States-based Hancock Agricultural Investment Group (HAIG).

Spanning approximately 12,840 hectares across the floodplains and terraces of the McIntyre River, the aggregation comprises the amalgamation of main holdings including Wahroonga and Gamut Lea, Brooklyn, Kalanga, Fraser, Whynot and Milkami, as well as a grain handling facility at Bungunya and two vacant town blocks in Toobeah.

The Kalanga Aggregation has been developed as an irrigated and dryland powerhouse, with a total 69 fields ranging in size from six to 140 hectares, to help underwrite productivity. Of the total land area, 3,544 hectares has been developed for irrigation, which is supported by more than 23,430 megalitres of permanent water storage, allowing for the utilisation of 20,875 megalitres for Overland Flow (Flood Plain Harvesting) Licenses.

The Border Rivers region is well known for its high-quality land types and water security, and irrigated cotton is the main economic crop produced, in addition to dryland cotton and winter crops including wheat, barley, chickpeas and mungbeans.

Land, Agribusiness, Water and Development (LAWD) Director, Simon Cudmore, who also helped to oversee the sale of the Kalanga Aggregation to HAIG three years ago, congratulated the Coulton family on the acquisition to be added to their existing portfolio of cropping and livestock assets throughout Queensland and northern NSW.

“The past two years there has been a strong trend of Australian family farm businesses securing additional farmland to expand operations at this time of strong seasons and an exceptional outlook for the agriculture industry — and we have seen this again with the Coultons securing this group of assets close to Morella Agriculture’s headquarters in Goondiwindi,” Mr Cudmore said.

“The Kalanga Aggregation is an exceptional group of high-quality properties, ideally located to handling, processing and storage facilities, transport infrastructure and service providers, and we look forward to seeing it further prosper under the expert stewardship of the family.”

The Kalanga Aggregation was marketed by LAWD’s Danny Thomas and Simon Cudmore, in conjunction with Nutrien’s Andrew Jenkins.