LAWD is pleased to present for lease the Devine – Oratara Pastoral Property Portfolio (the Portfolio). The Portfolio comprises two large scale aggregations; “Kulki/North Kulki” and “Oratara/Kanowna”, representing a significant opportunity to secure a large-scale dryland grazing lease in equally suited to sheep, cattle or goats in central southern Queensland.

The Portfolio comprises a total of 49,197* hectares held as four landholdings within two contiguous aggregations seven* linear kilometres apart. The individual aggregation offerings are outlined below:

­Kulki and North Kulki – Representing 22,884* hectares of which 11,614* hectares with an independently assessed carrying capacity of 3,700* Adult Equivalents (AE) or 29,600* Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE).

Kanowna and Oratara – Representing 26,313* hectares of which 12,101* hectares with an independently assessed carrying capacity of 2,525* AE or 20,200* DSE.

Key Features
- Fully exclusion fenced.
- Independently assessed total carrying capacity of 6,225* AE or 49,800* DSE.
­- Carrying strong stands of buffel grass, silk sorghum, clover and medic, supported by 7,400* hectares of regularly flooded and recently inundated Wallam Creek flood plain.
­- Secure water from an extensive piped artesian bore scheme and tank/trough network.
­- Pasture and infrastructure development allowing for a flexible combination of sheep, cattle and goat enterprises.
­- Enterprise flexibility supported by quality internal fencing, cattle yards, sheep yards, shearing sheds and a new lamb feedlot.
­- 3,000* hectares of arable black and grey clay soils suitable to develop for dryland grain and fodder cropping production.
­- The pasture sward has benefited from a prudent destocking program to protect the pasture resource and is recovering strongly from the drought in response to recent rainfall.

The Portfolio is situated in central southern Queensland, renowned for its livestock breeding and finishing capability and is equally suited to cattle, sheep and goat enterprises. The Portfolio is situated between 80* and 110* linear kilometres west of Dirranbandi, 50* and 80* linear kilometres south of Bollon and 130* linear kilometres south west of St George.

The Devine - Oratara Pastoral Property Portfolio represents an unparalleled opportunity for a potential lessee to occupy a large scale, well designed and highly developed agricultural enterprise.

The Devine – Oratara Pastoral Property Portfolio is being offered for lease via a Two-Stage Expression of Interest (EOI), with the first stage closing on 25 March 2020. Interested parties are to nominate their nominal value, which will be short listed. Inspections will occur on the successful parties in Stage One of the EOI process.

During First Stage of the EOI process, no inspections will be undertaken during this time. LAWD are seeking non-binding proposals for the lease of the Portfolio in-one-line or separately. Following the submission of offers, successful applicants will be notified, in which on-site inspections will proceed.

For further information on this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact the below personnel:
Col Medway
Senior Director | LAWD
+61 428 481 243
[email protected]

Josh Ledingham
Director | LAWD
+61 457 099 445
[email protected]