Land Agribusiness Water Development (LAWD) is pleased to invite offers for the Bellevue Aggregation (The Property), a unique large scale cattle breeding enterprise that operates in harmony with the environment utilising sustainable grazing practices to enhance both economic and natural capital.

The Bellevue Aggregation made up of Bellevue Station and Nychum station is situated in Far North Queensland, an area recognised as being ideal for extensive cattle breeding operations, benefitting from reliable summer wet seasons and productive wooded savannah grasslands. The region has long been coveted by many of the major beef operators within the Australian cattle industry.

The Property is situated in a highly reliable rainfall zone typified by a summer wet season and a winter dry season. Temperatures are hot and humid in the wet season and warm with low humidity in the dry season. Operations such as mustering, ,processing, weaning and any development works are all conducted in the dry season.

Soils comprise areas of red gravel, loam ridges and brown-black clay loams interspersed with basalt soils that support Bloodwood trees. The area known as Bottom Yards features an area of 3,000* hectares to 4,000* hectares of black soil flats west of the Bellevue Station homestead and south of the river. The red and brown soils around the Bellevue Station homestead of 2,000* hectares to 2,500* hectares have been cleared. An additional 1,000* hectares of red and brown soil around the Nychum Station homestead have also been cleared.

Native perennial and annual grasses such as black spear grass, kangaroo grass, blade grass, love grass, tropical panic, native millet, fire grass, feathertop wire grass, giant spear grass, Yakka grass, fairy grass, plume sorghum, liverseed grass, and Northern Wanderrie Grass dominate the pasture sward combined with natural herbages and legumes.

The Property benefits from 80* kilometres of single and double frontage to the permanently flowing Mitchell River. Stockwater is supplied by 87* dams of significant size with large catchments. Supporting the dams is a network of 37* bores that are equipped with 10* mobile solar powered pumping units and polythene troughs that are moved to allow management of the grazing area.

The Property boasts quality fit for purpose operational improvements and accommodation options for owners and staff including: an owner’s retreat located in a commanding position at the end of a ridge providing 270-degree views along the Mitchell River, two managers residences, staff accommodation, machinery sheds, hay shed, seven sets of cattle yards and two airstrips.


LAWD is inviting offers for the Bellevue Aggregation by Expression of Interest (EOI) closing Thursday 27 May 2021.

For further information, please contact:

Danny Thomas
Senior Director, LAWD
+61 439 349 977
[email protected]

Col Medway
Senior Director, LAWD
+61 428 481 243
[email protected]