The Wyuna aggregation is one of the finest farming and grazing properties in the highly regarded Mullaley district. It offers genuine scale in both facets of its operation.

The quality of the soils is a main feature of Wyuna. High quality black basalt, self mulching soils deliver cropping country equal to the best. Natural fertility and high water retention rates result in consistently high yielding summer and winter crops.

Chocolate and red basalt soils represent the country used for grazing. These soils are soft, friable and extremely well suited to grazing. They are quick to respond to rain and offer high carrying capacity along with exceptional weight gains. The Hathway Family has owned Wyuna since 1976. In the intervening years they have added two adjoining properties, “Bungadoon” and “Glen Bulga”, to form the well balanced aggregation , that is now offered for sale.

For the entire term of their ownership they have focused on improving the productivity of this aggregation. The capital expenditure has been directed at practical improvements, and they have not over capitalised on assets which are not productive.

An example of this is the current owners’ estimate of over 10,000 hours spent rock picking over the term of their ownership. This is based on hours accrued on tractors specifically dedicated to this task. The rock has been relocated to construct creek and gully crossings as well as being used for soil conservation.

Through their hard work, the owners have removed a problem
and turned it into a highly practical improvement.

Efficiency, sustainability and productivity have been achieved through more than 44 years of thoughtful management. Wyuna will appeal to investors currently with rural investments as well as those from other backgrounds, as it will produce an attractive return on capital through quality and diversity.

For Sale by Expression of Interest closing 6 July 2021

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