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For Sale EOI closing 16/05/2022

One Tree Portfolio


  • 23595 Hectares
  • Goondiwindi
  • Goondiwindi
  • Goondiwindi
  • Goondiwindi
  • Goondiwindi
  • Goondiwindi
  • Goondiwindi
  • Goondiwindi

Land Agribusiness Water Development (LAWD) is pleased to invite offers for the One Tree Portfolio (the Portfolio), an unparalleled institutional cropping opportunity located across three distinct locations in the North Star, Goondiwindi and Jandowae regions of northern New South Wales (NSW) and southern Queensland (QLD).

An unprecedented large scale opportunity of three highly productive aggregations, the Portfolio comprises:

• A highly efficient and productive cropping opportunity, suited to a range of broad hectare agricultural enterprises.

• An amalgamation of 21* properties, comprising a total land area of 23,595* hectares with 21,656* hectares (92%) arable with the majority utilised for dryland cropping purposes.

• Comprising three aggregations known as:

• North Star Aggregation (5,694* hectares with 5,275* hectares (93%) arable over three main properties);

• Umbercollie Aggregation (7,934* hectares with 6,962* hectares (88%) arable over two main properties); and

• Jandowae Aggregation (9,966* hectares with 9,419* hectares (95%) arable including 585* hectares of irrigation, over 16 properties).

• High level of land class development currently producing high yielding crops including wheat, barley, chickpeas and mungbeans throughout the winter months and cotton and sorghum during the summer months.

• Geographically dispersed across three aggregations, the Portfolio is benefited by highly fertile soil types (predominately self-mulching black brigalow soils) and excellent climatic characteristics.

• Outstanding structural improvements including numerous dwellings, high quality operational infrastructure and substantial grain silo storages (in excess of 48,500* tonnes combined) across the Portfolio, further enhancing on-farm efficiencies.

• Close to commodity processing facilities, including grain handling facilities at Moree (CHS Broadbent), Goondiwindi (Woods Grain) and Dalby (Associated Grain, Deacon Seeds and DMC Grains) and cotton gins at Moree (Louis Dreyfus, Namoi, North West Ginning, Brighann and Auscott), Goondiwindi (Namoi and Carrington Cotton) and Dalby (Louis Dreyfus).

LAWD is offering the Portfolio to the market being either as the whole portfolio or as any combination of separate assets, by Expression of Interest with the first stage closing Monday 16 May 2022 at 4PM AEST.




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