Land Agribusiness Water and Development (LAWD) is pleased to present for sale Hayfield & Tiagarra, a highly productive irrigated horticultural opportunity featuring vegetable production benefited by cool room facilities, sorting and washing line and quality secure water in the Central West region of New South Wales, a region highly regarded for diversity and quality of agricultural production.

Key investment highlights include:
• Comprising a total landholding of 206* hectares in a horticultural region supported by an ideal climate, quality soils and secure water
• An established horticultural development producing watermelon and pumpkin with wheat and barley as rotational crops.
• Extensively developed to irrigation with mainline, sub-mains and lay flat hose servicing 11* blocks to drip tube laid under plastic, supplied from three operational bores.
• Benefited by secure water entitlements including 1,034* megalitres of high-quality Lachlan alluvial groundwater, with a SAR (Sodium Absorption Ratio) of 0.3* making it highly suitable for use on all types of vegetables, tree crops, sweet corn and lucerne.
• Average 2021/22 yields were 79* tonne per hectare for watermelons, 96* tonne per hectare for grafted watermelons and 48* tonne per hectare for pumpkin
• Excellent operational infrastructure including machinery shedding, workshop, irrigation infrastructure, office, staff amenities, cool room, washing and sorting line, extensive produce storage space, all powered by independent generator.
• Both Hayfield and Tiagarra have a residence.
• Well-designed farm layout enhancing irrigation and production efficiency
• Delivery quality enhanced by an efficient wash system as part of the sorting line. The washing and sorting line is suitable for both watermelon and pumpkin.
• Current production sold through Lamanna Premier Group at markets in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.
• The Expression of Interest process will include the opportunity to purchase the two properties in one line or as independent assets. Full particulars on each property are available in the Information Memorandum.

For sale by Expression of Interest closing Thursday 16 June 2022 at 11am (AEST)

Ian Robertson +61 429 939 949

Tim Corcoran +61 407 893 935