The building blocks of Australian land ownership

LAWD has partnered exclusively with Bricklet to provide more Australians with an opportunity to own as much or as little Australian  farmland as you can afford.

Bricklets use the proprietary Bricklets fractionation process to split a ‘head-title’ into a co-ownership register – creating a legally valid, more affordable portion of a larger piece of land.

LAWD Bricklet owners access the trusted Bricklet fractionation platform and process, providing certificate of title and the ability to buy or sell titles within the LAWD Bricklet marketplace.


Who is Bricklet?

Bricklet is a technology company that operates a number of property co-ownership marketplaces and an equity share program to help people buy property.

Founded in 2019 by Lakeba Group, initial shareholders include major players in the industry such as Mirvac, Stockland, and MiHubb.

By utilising innovative technology, Bricklet has simplified the process of property co-ownership, making it more accessible and affordable to a wider range of customers. The platform allows customers to purchase smaller pieces of properties, enabling them to co-own and invest in real estate without purchasing the entire property outright.

Bricklet also recognises the importance of complying with legal regulations and has put in place measures to ensure that its products and services meet all relevant regulations and standards. This commitment to legal compliance has helped to build trust with customers and has contributed to the company’s reputation for reliability and professionalism in the industry.

Overall, Bricklet’s technology platform has revolutionised the way people can invest in real estate, making it easier and more convenient for customers to become co-owners of properties. The company prides itself on its commitment to excellence, and it’s evident in the quality of the platforms and marketplaces offered.


For those looking to buy Agri property

LAWD Bricklets provide:

  • The ability to invest in Australian agriculture without having to purchase
    entire properties.
  •  A simple process to receive any income distributions for any LAWD Bricklets that offer yield.
  • Yield from LAWD Bricklets which may be derived from multiple sources:
    – Farm operating income
    – Lease or rental income
    – Exposure to capital movement (if any) in the value of the land
  • The option to buy and sell LAWD Bricklets via the LAWD Bricklet marketplace.
  • Potential to purchase LAWD Bricklets to offset carbon emissions and physical ownership of the land from which the carbon or biodiversity credit is produced.  This provides exposure to carbon price movements over time.
  • Confidence that carbon-accredited land is being managed in accordance with a Management Agreement and is subject to regular audits.


For Agri Landowners

LAWD Bricklets provide a landowner with:

  • Option to sell the property and receive capital through the sale of fractionated Bricklets, with the choice to stay and operate the property in accordance with a Management Agreement.
  • Option to sell some, or all, of the property through the fractionated Bricklet process, creating potential for premiums.
  • Option to simply fractionate the land, then apportion LAWD Bricklets for succession planning purposes.


For families looking for access to farming lifestyle

LAWD Bricklets allow you to own and trade a piece of a farm through the ‘family farm’ initiative.

The facilitators of these farm ownership models often provide:

  • Access to the property and an opportunity to experience farm life
  • Food security – access to farm produce and in some cases, the ability to receive regular supply produced from the farm
  • Activities and actions consistent with the Farm Management Agreement

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Getting Started

The LAWD Bricklet marketplace offers a unique and innovative way to invest in property that is accessible, flexible, and diverse. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to build their wealth through property investment without the traditional barriers to entry.

Browse the opportunities on the marketplace

There are many opportunities to co-own property in pieces across the LAWD Bricklet marketplace. Rural properties are available in smaller pieces and you can see the full detail of them before signing up to be a member.

Become a member of Bricklet

The registration process with the LAWD Bricklet marketplace is designed to be quick and easy, allowing you to get started with your property investment journey in no time.

To register, you’ll need to provide some basic information such as your name, email address, and phone number. You’ll also need to create a password to secure your account. Once you have provided this information, you’ll receive a verification email to confirm your account.

Complete an ID Check

Before you can deposit funds and start purchasing bricklets, you’ll need to complete an ID check. The ID check process is straightforward and typically involves uploading a photo of your ID and a selfie for verification. Once your ID check has been verified, you can deposit funds into your Bricklet Wallet through a secure payment gateway. Your funds are held in your own virtual bank account which you always have access to.

Purchase Your Bricklets

When you’re ready to purchase bricklets, you can browse the marketplace to find the properties that match your investment goals. Each property has a detailed information page that includes key details such as the property type, location, and rental income potential. You can also see how many bricklets are available for each property and the price per bricklet.


LAWD Bricklet Q&A

How are my interests protected in buying a LAWD Bricklet?
In order to fractionate a head-title a caveat is lodged on the title to ensure that the co-ownership is recorded and registered.  A caveat is a legal notice that protects an individual’s interest in a property.  This is linked to APCOR (Australian Property Co-ownership Register).  APCOR maintains the list of equitable owners in each title that are bound by the co-ownership deed of the property.  The APCOR ledger is recorded on blockchain.

What happens once I purchase a LAWD Bricklet?
When a co-owner purchases an equitable interest in the property, they sign a co-ownership deed and are also required to pay stamp duty to the relevant state revenue office.  Co-owners have an equitable ownership in the property and rights to revenue and decision making.  In most cases, these rights are delegated to the manager or operator of the property via a management agreement.

As a landowner, if I have a mortgage over my property with a financial institution, can I still fractionate?
If the landowner is looking to sell down a portion of the property, you can have a mortgage, as long as that is disclosed in the information about the property.  You must continue to own at least the amount of LAWD Bricklets to cover the outstanding debt to the financial institution.  For example, if your debt/loan is $2million, you must continue to own a minimum of $2million of LAWD Bricklets (equitable ownership) in the property.

It should be noted that the financial institution continues to hold first mortgage over the entire property.

How can the head-title owner exit/sell the property and what is the impact on Bricklet owners?
The head title can be transferred to another entity at any time. There is a defined process to go through as this also requires a new co-ownership deed and signatures of all co-owners.  Stamp duty implications are currently being addressed.  Ensuring the head title sits in a Special Purpose Vehicle that is reserved for that property is an important step. Ownership can be transferred by transferring the shareholding of the entity and changing directors.

Buying back Bricklets and reconsolidation?
The vendor may buy back LAWD Bricklets at any time through normal offer and acceptance on the LAWD Bricklet marketplace. A buy back cannot be forced. If 100% of LAWD Bricklets are owned by one owner/entity, then it can be removed from the marketplace. This is a straightforward process and includes removing the caveat.

Influence Bricklet owners have on operations of the property?
Co-owners can vote on matters relating to the ownership and management of the property and the voting thresholds are determined in the co-ownership deed.  Assigning an asset manager or operator via a lease or management agreement moves the day-to-day control/decision making to that entity, thereby reducing the direct influence of the co-owners on the operations of the property.  Details should be governed through the co-ownership deed.


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